Cherish review: find your perfect match

Find the perfect match nearby with the Cherish dating application. Get the best kind of communication with strangers and start a serious relationship that continues in real life.

Cherish is here to provide the positive changes we all need in online dating: no meaningless flirting, one-day relationships or online machinations. Your experience is very important to the owners of this online dating application!

Cherish brings you really suitable matches and the opportunity to meet more deeply. Let’s face it – online dating can sometimes make you feel lost. That’s why Cherish gives you the best of the best: location selection, real people who feel the same way, and very valuable dating features. What’s more, many more features that will be added soon.

What are the main features of this application?

This application differs a lot from the alternatives. One of the main reasons why people from different countries choose this platform is the presence of unusual features. Access these basic options on Cherish:

Match by location – meet the partner where you are!

View your likes – get reminders of all your matches.

Watch your fans – find out who you like.

One-on-one chat – unlimited messaging and photo sharing.

Raise your profile in the list of active accounts – get more attention and matches.

Professional filters – focus your search with more options.

Rewind – view previous matches you’ve missed.

Only verified members – Cherish confirms profiles to protect you from scammers and strangers who can start misbehaving unexpectedly.

Why is Cherish unique?

Many dating services want you to flirt forever. However, it’s not about this online service. Cherish is your dating application to find a long-term partner. The developers want to contribute to your search for a dream relationship. Use your chance to meet your true soulmate, love them forever and share everything, even your secretes. The owners of this application will never forget the emotions associated with dating. Let the power of Cherish make you feel completely new! The Cherish app is more than just an online service for one-night stand. This platform allows everyone to meet someone even for long-term relationships. In this case, it has special filters that let everyone meet their exact match. Moreover, this service is available not only for Android but also for iOS devices.

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