Freedom of action: what to do while you’re alone

Perhaps you just came out of a short and vivid novel or lived together for a few years – and ended up being alone with yourself. No need to be sad, worried – and enough, in this situation there are objective advantages. Focus on the positive aspects. No matter what you feel outside of a relationship, the reality is that you are free and there is no reason to doubt that one day you will find love again.

It’s really cool to be alone with yourself – when else can you give your person so much free time? Use this period of your life as a rare chance to understand yourself, others and determine what you really want from the person of your dreams. And while you’re on your way to the second half, here’s a brief list of what you should do, taking advantage of loneliness.

1. Take your time

Enjoy your freedom! The best option is three months minimum. Take your time, learn to enjoy life on your own. Look for something that gives a taste of happiness, do what you want, for some time do not share time with your partner, allow yourself a selfish break from a relationship. Go out on dates if you want, but do it spontaneously, not like at work. When you’re comfortable alone with yourself, you’ll make the right and informed choice, rather than joining the fast-paced relationship to escape loneliness.

2. Try to travel without friends

Being in a relationship can be great, but a vacation on a difficult route to pair with a loved one sometimes risks turning into a nightmare. So now’s the time: Go ahead, while you’re free, discover the world on your own invented route – such a journey does not need compromises. You’ll find solo journeys inspiring and adventurous – and it’s also possible that you’ll get the chance to do it once in a lifetime. Plus you’ll have interesting topics to talk about on your first date with the hero of the new novel.

3. Find yourself

The right stage on the way to a happy and healthy relationship is understanding and accepting your own self. Take the time to understand yourself while you are alone. Awareness of your talents and professional passion (what you love and want to do), analyze personal goals and ambitions, and – good advice! – write down all the priorities, so as not to lose focus when the next hobby will spin your head. Relationships are a balanced tandem of concepts of “to accept” and “give”, and it is important not to act on personal interests, so that the new novel does not interfere with being yourself.

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