Pros and Cons of Online Dating on Video Chats

With the development of new technologies, the time for a new kind of dates has come – online dates. Perhaps, you are asking yourself the question: “Why not just go for a real date?” But, for many people, online dating is a solution to problems. What are the benefits of online dating and why are they bad?

The pros of online dating are:

  1. For many couples that are separated by a great distance, online dating is a real way out because it is difficult to maintain relationships without seeing each other. And the Internet and online video chats replace real communication and allow soul mates to stay in touch.
  2. Online dating is a good alternative to dating sites. Unlike these sites, online cam chats help to not only communicate using text messages but also see and hear each other, observe interlocutors’ emotions and reactions.
  3. Of course, this is one of the chances of meeting your soul mate. Although the majority of online video chats randomly select users, still, there is a probability that your interlocutor will become your future couple.
  4. This type of dating is very useful for those who have little time to build their private lives. This is especially useful for girls because they are less likely to maintain a balance between work and personal life than men.
  5. Another advantage of this type of dating is that online dating is much cheaper than going to a club or bar to find someone you like. Here, you can make new acquaintances without leaving your home. Especially, such acquaintances are suitable for those who do not like to leave home and/or are embarrassed to get acquainted.

However, along with the advantages of online dating, there are drawbacks to this type of dating:

  1. Inability to see each other in real life. Of course, a date with a web camera instead of text messages is very convenient and practical. But, in any case, real communication is much more productive and enjoyable than communication on the Internet. Even with the ability to see each other.
  2. Online dating has one significant con. It is impossible to understand who is hiding behind a screen: a gigolo or an irresponsible young man, a man with serious intentions or a frivolous macho.
  3. It is difficult to switch to real communication after long conversations via a video camera.

As you see, online dating on cam chats is quite useful for those users who are separated by distance. But, if you have a chance for live communication do not try to hide behind a screen and a web camera. In some cases, the Internet is able to unite people and in other ones, it hinders live dating.

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