6 Signs that Tell you that your Online Interlocutor Deceives you

Communication is always pleasant. It is an excellent way to express emotions, share your problems or feelings, learn something new, and so on. Nowadays, online communication becomes more and more popular. As a result, a great number of online video chats have appeared. Users prefer chatting there, as they do not have to leave their homes to find new friends, intelligent interlocutors, or even soul mates. Online platforms for dating are a useful tool for modern people. But, at the same time, it is the perfect place for deceivers. Thus, let’s find out how to reveal a cheater.

There are either verbal or non-verbal signs of lying. Let’s start with non-verbal ones. Body language provides much more information than words. In addition, it is practically impossible to control gestures as they are generated subconsciously. Thus, non-verbal signs are the best indicators of deception.

  • An interlocutor on a cam chat frequently touches his/her face

If a user tries to cover his/her mouth with hands, it is a clear sign of telling lies. This gesture is interpreted as the desire to hide his/her lie and not to speak the following information.

  • A cheater stars at you

It is a misconception that deceives hide their eye because they are ashamed of telling lies. On the contrary, they stare at an interlocutor and do not blink. This way, they try to make sure that you believe his/her stories.

  • Frequent blinking

An opposite option is also possible. Frequent blinking can also signalize of lying. A liar tries to act naturally and blink but he/she does not feel that it is too much.

  • He/she does not use gestures and behave restrained

Cheaters try to concentrate on their lies and forget to move.

Now, let’s analyze verbal signs:

  • Sudden changes in the speech pace

Deceives can start speaking at a slow pace, and then suddenly speed up.

  • They pay too much attention to unnecessary details trying to distract a listener from the essence of a lie.

However, this point can be used against them. If you want to reveal a deceiver, listen to his/her story attentively, jump to another topic, and then ask again about the previous story in all details. Or one more revealing technique is to ask a potential liar to retell events in reverse order. One important remark: if you try to master the art of body language, do not forget that all gestures should be interpreted in a complex. Perhaps, a person just wants to rub his nose or yawn and covers his/her mouth. However, random online chats are the perfect place to practice new knowledge.

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