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Weirdos in Video Chats: Is it Worth Continuing a Conversation

Video chats are known for being a fast and funny way of meeting new people and sharing ideas. For the majority, however, video chat entails meeting strange people with weird thoughts and behaviour. By weirdos we mean dangerously strange. Because such people are among the top reason preventing people from online dating and communicating. We all want to live that dream of finding ‘the one’ online, but we don’t want it if it means dating several fraudsters in the process.

If it is just that you like cooking in the nude or have a massive collection of vintage teapots, then that is okay, we are down with that. We are talking here about avoiding the sort of people who will wait outside your house in a bush at 2:00 am. Or maybe turn up to a first date looking like a completely different person, because they have used a stock image of Kit Harington in their profile.

Types of weirdos often encountered in video chats:

    • gym freaks: guys with profile pics being shots of them shirtless at the gym, one hand pointing at their tan abs, the other holding the ostentatious gold chain around their necks. Since the most important quality in a partner such are looking for is the volume and intensity of workout sessions, they are not suitable for real conversations;
    • polyamorous Don Juans: these happen to talk about monogamy being oppressive and just not for them, so he and his partner are free to ‘explore’ the boundaries of their relationship without judgment. Which is not what you want from a video chat conversation, is it?
    • anonymous profiles: no picture attached, no personal information, no interests. If this does not bring suspiciousness in you, it is hard to say what will;
    • creepo in disguise: people searching the web to realize their most hidden sexual fantasies or ideas are not the type of people to talk to in a video chat.

Communication Tips for Video Chats

If you understand that a person you are talking to in a video chat brings a certain discomfort or even offends your feelings or beliefs, feel free to start a new conversation. Everyone is different, and for some people some things are acceptable and others are not. This is normal. Do not moralize or judge, but rather try to be open-minded and ready to meet different people on your way.

The last but not the least, whether to continue a conversation with a person or not depends on what you are looking for. Some people video chat for fun, new and unprecedented experiences as well acquaintances. If you are have more conservative beliefs, then simply try not to interact with people you may find inappropriate. Just be honest with yourself and your chat partner, and try not to offend whatever happens.

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