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Virtual Dates Offer Much More Than Traditional Ones

As millenials are currently the most vivid consumers of the online world with all of its apps and interesting solutions to everyday issues, it becomes obvious that the faster things work out the better. This generation is known to be impatient with ever-increasing demands. For private life, it means that people of this generation build their relationships as well as change them without blinking. Therefore, online dating is rapidly gaining momentum and is known to offer even more than the face-to-face one.

What makes an online date so special is that regardless of where two partners are, they are able to share an experience of being together and alone at the same time. Such a mixture of feelings is unique and excites people more than any other well-planned romantic date on the rooftop. Being apart also fanes the flame between the lovers and makes a long-awaited meeting in person unforgettable.

Among the benefits of online dating are also:

    • control: for societies where arranged marriages are still the case, online dating gives individuals more control rather than matchmaking to family members;
    • more options: compare the hundreds of potential dates one finds when logging onto an online dating website to the handful of singles at any given party or bar. For those ready to get tied up in a virtual relationship, choice is often unrestricted;
    • more information: when viewing someone’s online profile, an online dater has instant access to a wealth of information about that person. More information is definitely better as it helps with the selection process;
    • 24/7 availability: dating websites and platforms are working all day and all night giving people of different lifestyles an opportunity to meet in the online world.

Virtual Reality Dating

Another spectacular technological disruption having changed how an online date may be organized is the VR dating. Now, let us be clear: virtual reality date is not where your partner is a virtual avatar who you pursue in lieu of a real human being. Rather, you and the real person you want to go on a date with are hooked up to virtual reality headsets that allow you to travel together to the farthest reaches of your imagination.

A VR date might be a more intense personal experience. Moving from screen to VR invokes presence  the feeling of actually being in the virtual space itself with the beloved one. This experience is definitely different to what a person may experience at the traditional date. Moreover, it allows for a greater freedom of actions than the real date as people try to use their time together to the utmost of its opportunities. VR date is something you will not do with your partner in real life but when dating online such activities become of extreme importance.

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