Why Personal Communication Shall be Preferred Over Video Chats

Through popular communication tool – video chats, it became easier to meet new people, find friends or even the beloved ones. People tend to recourse to the virtual communication as they may not find enough time in their busy daily lives to go out and talk to strangers. Video chats have significantly simplified the process by making it a couple clicks. However, can virtual communication completely supplant the face-to-face one?

No doubts, virtual communication will definitely remain the fastest and the most convenient tool in the future. However, this does not mean that its efficiency in terms of personal or working relationship will suffice to completely get rid of personal meetings. Contrary, it seems that the more digitized the world becomes, the more valuable becomes the time spent with an individual face-to-face and thus the more efficient are the outcomes.

Personal Versus Virtual Communication

Given all the benefits of video chats and online communication as such, people cannot properly exist without a person-to-person interaction, not the one powered by the computer, phone or other device.  Today’s technology makes communication faster and easier than ever before, this is true. But it should not be the only way we communicate. And for all our innovation, nothing can quite replace the impact of face-to-face communication.

Perks of face-to-face conversations:

  • non-verbal cues: when meeting in person, body language is much more important than what the person actually says. In video chats opportunity to trace all of the body moves is limited and thus one cannot judge on such vital non-verbal indicators;
    • efficiency: personal communication is considered to be more effective as the overall energy level will be higher, so you can brainstorm and solve a multitude of problems at one time;
  • personal touch: a unique sense of community comes with the ability to interact and socialize in person. This sets the foundation for trust, and ultimately creates a better relationship;
    • no lagging: efficiency of a video chat conversation does in large depend on the technological preparations and setup. If something fails to work properly, it damages the conversation flow either directly or indirectly. In face-to-face meetings, only you are responsible on how things develop;
  • confidentiality: sensitive information are all revealed to the trusted person in a private setting. When private matters are discussed, face to face communication benefits you by holding no record of what is being discussed since there are always certain issues not meant to be recorded.

To sum it up, offline communication shall prevail over the online one owing to its more sophisticated nature and opportunity to better understand a person by body language that it offers. Web cameras as well as video calls are not able to communicate the real feelings of the person or his/her hidden emotions not meant to be spoken but only felt. In addition, personal communication ensures more confidentiality as compared to offline world constantly subject to cyber attacks and data thefts.

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